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Mosaic Craft Tools

One of the reasons so many people love arts and crafts - especially to mosaic is the fact that you do not have to constantly purchase copious amounts of mosaic materials to keep your hobby going! Naturally you may have to purchase new mosaic tiles depending on the craft project you have in mind.

Mosaic Nippers

Mosaic nippers are be used to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles and should be used with caution. A good idea is to wear protective gloves when cutting larger mosaic tiles. One should also be careful of small pieces of the mosaic tile which may splinter while cutting. Safety goggles can prevent any unnecessary injuries while using tile nippers.

Mosaic Cutters

A mosaic cutter can also be used to cut larger mosaic tiles to size for your carts and craft project. The cutter can also be used to gently score the mosaic tile before cutting to ensure a smooth edge on your mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Tile Sander

A Mosaic tile sander is the perfect tool you will need to get rid of those unwanted rough edges along the sides of your mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Tile Scriber

To ensure you get the straightest line when cutting your tiles a mosaic tile scriber will come in very handy. With some practice, a mosaic tile scriber can be used with a metal ruler to score perfectly straight cutting lines onto your mosaic tiles.

Mosaic Tile Sponges

Although it is not really a mosaic product, a tile sponge comes in handy when you want to clean the mosaic tiles on your craft project after you have applied the grout to the tiles and it has dried slightly.

The mosaic products listed above along with those you have initially invested in will last a long time with the proper care.

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